Anita Lewis

Anita Lewis Abstract Artist

Coming from the modern interior design and architectural field, my abstract art is created to add and support architectural power using larger scale.

Modern European and Zen influences, intertwined with natural themes, works develop with textural nuances, derived from many layers, evoking a sense of detail in the obscure of fading in and out of undulating hues.

Dragging, rubbing and spreading oil paints, gold, copper or silver leaf peak out from underneath the layers adding reflective qualities in a certain light or time of day. Captured moments in time of occurrences in the natural world, movement in other themes, are abstracted and disconnected to create sense of perfect flow of movement.

Selection Of Works

Sunrise Fusion Series Abstract Artworks

Fusion Series

A series of an architectural feel to a painting; structural and fused with metal.

Earth Series

A selection of abstract works of the Earth.

Las Olas Abstract Artwork

Water Series

A selection of abstract works with a theme of Water.

Air Series Abstract Artworks

Air Series

A selection of abstract works with a theme of the Air.

Red into Blue 2 Abstract Artwork

Fire Series

A collection of abstract artworks dedicated to Fire and the conceptualization thereof.

Ghost Equine Abstract Artworks

Equine Series

Giving motion to the horse in its moment in time.

Haute Chile Abstract Artworks

Cocktailz Series

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! A fun and sparkling series of a fascination of the colorful spirits.

Morning Breeze Abstract Artworks

Palms and Beach Series

If the palms are swaying in the breeze, or the beach umbrella is holding up in the wind, I like to give it motion.

Everything Blooms Abstract Artwork

Floral Series

If the flowers are bursting in bloom, I like to give it motion.

Butterfly Abstract Artwork

Butterfly Series

Not your typical “butterfly”, but a closer look at the colors and patterns.

Aqua Grid Abstract Artworks


My new way of defining ballet art: A collection of earthy, abstracted, yet expressive and emotive moments of the dance in the elusive ballet world.

Red Emerging 1 Abstract Artworks


The art of abstract motorsport art redefined.